Mantra Tribe :: Record Release Party May 3, 2019

Mai 3rd 2019 at Münzenbergsaal (Franz-Mehring-Platz 1) S Ostbahnhof in Berlin from 5pm.

We have finished our second album. Finally! And it really shines!

We’ve named it ~entranced~ and hope it will mesmerize you. It has been a gift for us and we wish to share it and celebrate the record release party with you befittingly.

It’s going to be the coolest Gods Gathering! Goddess Lakshmi comes this time as a true AbunDance-Disco-Diva, dressed in glamorous radiance, blessedly spreading her golden feathers over us. Shiva and Kali, our cosmic parents are the magical travel directors. They take us on a ride from mystical silence, through devoted Kirtan to the place where we joyously combine our tribal beats with a whole variety of styles. This is a rock-pop-ska-funk shamanic trance that culminates in craziest Shiva pogo-punk ever! Hanuman takes a looooong jump from his jungle hideouts, boosting up the bhakti spirit amongst our ranks.

The Program

This time we’ve stepped up our game and invited the legendary Berlin culture activist Mahide Lein from AHOI Kultur agency to collaboration. We cannot imagine a more amazing person fuelling our organizational engines! That is also why this party could expand into the size of a small festival, offering a unique program.

We start with no one less than Percy Shakti Johannsen, a charismatic yoga teacher and a book author. His out-of-the-box yoga style will make you fly high and land safely. Please arrive on time and bring a yoga mat for Percy’s first yoga teaching in Berlin. Mantra Tribe will support the class musically.

After the class, we invite the abundance with our combined forces. The conducting of the Cacao-Lakshmi-Puja has been placed in trusted hands of Stefan Datt, who will be calling upon the Divine Beauty to descend in our hearts. We deeply honor the power of his bhakti and thorough knowledge of the ritual. The spirit of the Sacred Cacao plant will be welcomed by FlorAmor and Jakob von Recklinghausen, who help us to feel Lakshmi as Pacha Mama in our collective heart.

When the hearts open and the cocoa spirit unfolds its magic, the well-known Berlin cellist and Campanula player Stefanie John and Rikta Annette Schaden on the North Indian string instrument Dilruba create tenderest sound flows as the last guests arrive.

After that, we wish everyone “gute Reise” as the wildest Mantra Band in the known universe takes off. We get yet even more reinforcements: the well-renowned musician, a yogi-pianist Andreas Loh will support us on drums and keyboard. No one will leave unsatisfied as we have one more super-guest to entice us. After the concert, the shamanic DJ Scott Binder will be weaving one of his highly recommended organic Sound Dance Journeys. What a feast for the soul!

our sponsors

We want to give big thanks to our sponsors for their generous support:
Monika from yoga108 – yogastore & ecowear ( and Victor from yogafürdich Berlin ( We also thank Yogi Tea (, who have offered a beautiful choice of their wonderful teas!

time schedule

17:00 – 18:30 Yoga with Percy Shakti Johansen & Mantra Tribe
18:45 – 19:30 Cacao-Lakshmi-Puja with Stefan Datt
19:30 – 20:00 Campanula & Dilruba magic by Stefanie John & Rikta
20:00 – 22:30 Mantra Tribe “entranced” release concert with Andreas Loh
22:30 – ca. 0:00/00:30 Sonic-Dance-Wave mit DJ Scott Binder