musicians biographies

Here you can find the music biographies of the Mantra Tribees


(a.k.a. Aleksandra Piela) – Kali-Channeler, singer and a musician; “shamanic wizardess of sounds”, combining Bhakti and shamanic elements in her vocal work. Intoxicated with the devotion to the power of Siva-Shakti combustion she digs deeply in search of primordial roots in beat and sound. She is madly in love with the Mother Earth Vibe and is blessed to have the great mystery in music as her guide instead of a formal musical education.

That was a very nice night, I wish I could hear more of this wonderful chanting. (Ezequiel)

Danilo Ananda Steinert

Danilo Ananda has been a yogi, multi-instrumentalist, composer, music producer and sound researcher from Berlin for about 30 years. He travels extensively and plays with the well-known and successful duo “Satyaa & Pari”. He has been deeply influenced by the power of mantras and the connection between music and healing. In his recording studio in Heiligensee (Berlin) he has produced many CDs and enjoys successful collaborations with spiritual artists such as Janin Devi, Anne Tusche and others ( Together with his partner and bandmate Jasmin, he established the Nada Spirit project.

Jasmin Aynacioglu

Already as a child, she sang a lot and got music lessons. After a life-changing experience through Yoga and Pranayama, she could overcome inner difficulties and felt the power of her own voice. One beautiful day during kirtan singing in a satsang, she experienced a profound emotional release in a group of hundred singing people. From that moment on, her devotion and love for music developed, especially in connection with yoga.

My body vibrated until 3 o’clock in the morning (Fan at the Xperience Festival) Wow, what a perfect evening! In three years Ecstatic Dance I did not sweat that much ;) (Ana)

Marc Miethe

Marc Miethe sang as a child in the boys’ choir of the Deutsche Oper and discovered the didgeridoo in 1992 as bassist. Since then, he has pioneered a modern and distinct style of playing with his bands and solo projects. Marc has appeared on countless stages, festivals, on TV and radio and has released several CD’s.

The press praises him as “genuinely spectacular” or “Miethe plays with intensity and spirit of inventiveness that is hard to match”. In 1999 he initiated the world music network Cross Culture Music, which he continues to cultivate. Since 1994 as a trained body psychotherapist he’s been passing on his experience as a teacher and published various articles and a book to learn the art of didgeridoo playing. (