Hello dear ones … ALL BOOM is OUT NOW!

Full of pride, happiness and tears of joy, we finally present our third baby to you. It is called “All Boom” and from now on it wants to flow endlessly through your ears and heads. Sophisticated compositions, innovative and unexpectedly fresh retro sounds and newly shining Indian mantras are once again glitteringly combined.

Lord Krishna and Hanuman are also now acknowledged alongside Shiva, Ganesha and Kali. Two songs (Kali Durge, Om Gam Ganapatayai Namah) from the first album ShaMANTRAnce (shop in German), have been recalibrated and are included as refreshingly mature updates.

From deep, trancey melodies and songs, to German lyrics that capture the zeitgeist, to completely new listening pleasures and effusions, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the diversity of musical galaxies.

You can pre-listen to “ALL BOOM” and buy the songs individually (shop in German) or download the whole album (shop in German) in one go. Pre-listen and select individually!

Album: ALL BOOM - Mantra Tribe Cover 2021