Video for “Goodbye Absurdistan” released!

Goodbye Absurdistan” is a poem by Anne-Camille Luana Adt set to music by Mantra Tribe. “The previous paradigm is becoming increasingly outdated and the new culture of consciousness is becoming more visible. You can also say goodbye to the old with ease and gratitude and invite in the first rays of the new sunshine. Now it’s really the time of the earth!” – Mantra Tribe


Adieu, goodbye Absurdistan,
Thank you for your unmasking
revealing your essence beneath appearances
Where pain serves to reunite

Goodbye & thank you Absurdistan
But now it’s really the time of the earth
Everyone recognizes when they can no longer keep going
so let’s tackle it together

Let’s leave Absurdistan
And start again in the garden
Paradise has always been around us
But now we are awake, no longer dumb numb
We honor, appreciate and learn in a completely new way
like children full of curiosity, without pride, without shyness
rid of our insecurities
the earth has everything ready for us


The song “Goodbye Absurdistan” is featured on the band’s third album.
ALL BOOM (yes, that’s the name of the new record!) contains seven diverse pearls, which Mantra Tribe displays honoring their uniqueness. Refined compositions, innovative, unexpectedly fresh retro sounds and radiant Indian mantras celebrate a happy marriage again!

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The video has been produced with great devotion and artistry by Serhat Divrik: