Album ShaMANTRAnce

The debut album ShaMANTRAnce of the Berlin band Mantra Tribe was released in June 2017. The skillful blend of Hindu mantras (bhajan and kirtan) and wild tribal beats through percussion & didgeridoo is composed with ecstatic devotion. A completely new genre of music seems born!

In addition to the classical mantras, there are also strong influences from shamanic trance and modern club music. But Mantra Tribe also plays a lot with elements of reggae, ska, tango, rock and pop. The songs “Boom Boom Shankara” and “Guru Brahma” are about to take the genre of mantra music to a new level.

The album also features two high-quality live recordings that transport the band’s incredible live energy.”Kalikayai” or the Sufi mantra “Hua Allah Hu” give an idea of why Mantra Tribe is celebrated at the yoga and world music festivals.

The songs “Kali Durge” and “Om Gam Ganapatayai Namah” were recorded live in Danilo’s recording studio “Anandamusic” in Berlin-Heiligensee.

musicians on the Album ShaMANTRAance

FlorAmor – vocals, harmonium, shamanic drum

Jasmin Aynacioglu – vocals, harmonium, shaker

Danilo Ananda Steinert – percussion, drums, guitar, bass, vocals, CD production

Marc Miethe – didgeridoo, didjeribone, shaker

You can find out more about us in the musician biographies.

guest musicians

Alica Khan – vocals (2,6), harmonium, karkabas (6)
Alica was a band member of Mantra Tribe. She sings and recites Mantras various spiritual traditions in community, one-to-one lessons, with her band Mantrika and in sound yoga lessons.

David Beck – Oud, Darabuka (5)
The guitarist, bass, oud player and percussionist David Beck is Mantra Tribes fifth element!

Martin Talir – Bass (6)
Martin is a longtime fellow musician of Danilo. As a multi-instrumentalist, he is passionately in charge of people with physical or mental disabilities in band projects.

Debjit Pahari – Tabla (1,2,4)
Debjit is a professional tabla player from Calcutta and plays with Danilo at Back To India.

Yatziv Caspi – Tabla (5)
Professional Israeli drummer, percussionist and tabla player Yatziv Caspi (Django Lassi) joins us often at the Mantra Tribe Chanting Party.

The instruments and their origin

Harmonium, Tanpura, Tabla – India

Didgeridoo & Didjeribone – Australia

Drums, electric guitar, bass – western countries

Oud, Karkabas, Darabuka and Frame Drum – Orient, Maghreb