New Mantra Tribe Album – out soon –

YEAAHHHH, now it’s official, there will be a third Mantra Tribe album very soon, a hot record, mega-awesome sound to sing along and to trance away. We are happy about your support in our current crowdfunding. If you choose the new album, you will be one of the first to download it next year!

Since the crowdfunding is finished, you can pre-order the new album here.

Here is a small foretaste, our current intermediate result, it is already trembling quite a bit :-)

Mantra Tribe neues new Album

Two of the songs are Recovers, a new edition of Kali Durge and Om Gam Ganapatayai Namah from our first album.

Shiva and Hanuman are considered, and for the first time, we also devote ourselves to Sri Krishna!

The album will most likely only be available as MP3 download.

We expect the release in January / February 2021.

Have a look at our crowdfunding and please support us!